Subnautica 2: Everything We Know From The EXPLOSIVE Recent Dev Interview


Recently, the president of Unknown Worlds, Ted Gill, approved an interview about the upcoming game, Subnautica 2. This interview, conducted by a YouTuber named Anthomnia, featured insights from Obraxis, a community strategist and animator. The interview provided a treasure of details and insights about the game, with the developer addressing numerous questions. While some inquiries were dismissed as “spoilers,” the conversation remained highly enlightening.

If you could not watch that video for any reason, this blog will cover all the things that happened in that interview.

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    First of all, SUBNAUTICA 2 will be the official name of the game… I mean… OK, I know it’s pretty obvious but I thought I should still say it. The dev confirmed it.


    Second thing, there will be leviathans in it…..OK OK, That’s pretty obvious too but I’m just covering the information provided in the interview. It was asked if there would be leviathans bigger than the gargantuan leviathan in Subnautica 2, to which, the dev replied: “There will be leviathans, there will be a variety of sizes. I’m not gonna comment on whether they’re bigger than the gargantuan one.”


    There will be vehicles in Subnautica 2. There will be submarines of various sizes. There will be vehicle upgrades. It was asked in the interview whether the vehicle upgrades would change the appearance of the vehicles. It was replied by the dev that he can not talk much about it right now, but we will see hints and glimpses of it later in this year, so “KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED”, said the dev.


    There was a misunderstanding about this news during the interview, but the end result was: Subnautica 2 is a single-player game that you CAN play in co-op. It is just an optional feature and the game is meant to be a single-player experience. The dev said it can be played with a small group of people, but it is not yet decided how many players can play together in a co-op.


    The dev said that Subnautica 2  will not be a GAMES as a SERVICE model. They will proceed with it as they did with Subnautica 1. They will release early access, and then they will keep adding more content. There will not be any season passes or anything like that. A thing to keep in mind is that he didn’t say there won’t be any microtransactions, so, keep that in mind too.


    Subnautica 2 will take place on a whole new planet. It will not be 4546B.  It will be a new planet, with new creatures and new mysteries. Moreover, the dev said, “There will be story threads that will link this game to the other games; however, the planet is completely different and I think when people get to see the sky in the game, then they will realize that it’s very different.”


    Subnautica 2 in-game screenshot

    This picture was taken from reddit.

    This picture was discussed in the interview. The dev said that this is not a concept art or something; this is an INGAME REALTIME SCREENSHOT OF SUBNAUTICA 2!!! ISN’T THAT BEAUTIFUL? But, ahem, anyway, the dev brought a spotlight to something hidden in this picture. There is a mysterious creature hidden in the dark on the left side of this image.

    Mysterious Creature in realtime screenshot of Subnautica 2

    In this closed-up image of the left section, we can see a crab-like creature chilling in the background. The dev didn’t confirmed anything about it. He actually said that he don’t know if this creature will make it to the end of the game, so this creature is not a confirmed one.


    The AI of creatures will be upgraded. The dev said that they have a whole new CREATURES TEAM now, so they are making more complex creature interactions with themselves, each other, the world and player. “We are not creating a full-blown aquatic simulation, but I think people are gonna be very happy…”, the dev said.



    The dev said they are working to make base construction better. This time there is also a separate team for base construction, just like for creatures. And they are making amazing improvements for bases, and people are going to like it a lot. He said that when people will see the improvements, they will be like “Oh, it makes so much sense”.



    The dev said that the team is currently focussing on finishing the game, and they will see about DLCs and stuff later on. 

    These were the main things that were discussed in that interview. Apart from these, many other questions were asked from the dev. Some were answered, while some were passed on as “Spoilers”. The details of them are given below.


    • Q. “Will it be easier for the community to mod the game?”

    ANS. The dev said “If we can make it a little easier, we will… Whether we do have time to make it easy for modders or not, it’s gonna happen anyway.”

    • Q. “Will there be any unused concept art of previous games brought back into this game?”

    ANS. The dev replied that we do tend to look at some older concept art and think what if it was actually generated? But it doesn’t mean that we will use it. But, he does say, “If you are a fan of the publicly available Subnautica concept art, I think you’ll be happy with the direction we’re taking the next Subnautica, in terms of look.”

    • Q. “Did they take any inspiration for the new game from any of the most popular mods that exist today for Subnautica?”

    ANS. The dev replied that their team has played a lot of public popular mods and they really enjoy it, but they just use it to see what the community loves about Subnautica. The mods do not inspire them directly.

    • Q. “In the Subnautica timeline, will the new game be before the events of Subnautica 1 or after/during the events of Subnautica below zero?”

    ANS. Currently, it is set sometime after the Subnautica below zero, the dev said, but it could change depending on how the early access goes, according to the players’ feedback.

    • Q. “Will Subnautica 2 be an underwater-focused game or will it have any notable land masses?”

    ANS. The new game, just like Subnautica 1, will be predominantly set underwater. There might be some land masses, but Subnautica 2 will be underwater-focused.

    • Q. “Will we be seeing some bigger subs and mechs?”

    ANS. He said he couldn’t say much about it. There will be various submarines of various sizes, but he can’t say anything about the sizes yet. And he didn’t say a word about mechs.

    • Q. “Can you give details on the map size, flora and fauna of Subnautica 2 in comparison to the previous games.”

    ANS. The dev didn’t give much detail. He just said, “It is going to be a very big map, and it’s going to expand throughout early access…It will be big enough for fans for years to come.”

    • Q. “Will Kharaa be returning?”

    ANS. He said “No comments” because it’s a spoiler.

    • Q. Will we be seeing old characters returning ( Marguerit-AL-Robin-Ryley )

    ANS. The answer to this question can also give story leaks, so he did not provide any info.

    • Q. “Will there be a black market for things like exotic pets? Always wondered if anyone wanted to buy a baby reaper or a sea dragon to attempt to raise up like a pet.”

    ANS. He said that the question basically is if we could raise a pet and swap it with our friends ( like a pet-trading system ). The dev said he’s gonna say no about it, but if people want an exotic pet market and it becomes very demanding, they may think about it.

    • Q. “Will we play as yet another new character?”

    ANS. The dev passes it off as a spoiler.

    • Q. “Will there be a void in Subnautica 2?”

    ANS. He said we will have a void, no matter what, because during early access, the world will be limited. So there will be a void, and anyway, there will be dark pockets of nothingness to just creep out people.

    • Q. “Can we see something currently in development right now?”

    ANS. “NO!”

    • Q. “Because of the events of Obraxis Prime, will there still be no weapons in Subnautica 2?”

    ANS. I think he didn’t answer it quite clearly. He just said that Obraxis Prime does have repercussions all over Subnautica history, and you will find those out in Subnautica 2.”

    That was all that got leaked from that dev interview. We got a great deal of information from it, and the dev was very nice too. Fun fact: He said that the event “Obraxis Prime” was named after him!
    I hope this was helpful for you guys.

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